How does Text-to-Speech improve your business diversity?

Halfway through 2021, as we look ahead to the new year, now is a good time to consider one of the major undercurrents of the past year - the heightened awareness and call to action for diversity and inclusion.

What is your points on business diversity?

There are certainly tons of topics to talk about on this issue. I think after seeing larger protests and greater outcry about injustice and inequality this year, many organizations are starting to realize that it's time to step up their game. I recently attended a virtual community forum for HR and learning professionals, and the conversation was about the need to find ways to incorporate more diversity and inclusion (D&I for short) into their practices. I found this refreshing, but everyone agreed it wasn't an easy solution or a quick fix.

What is the main challenge to having more business diversity?

I'm sure there are many, but what comes to mind most is the complexity of the issue, the commitment it might take to make the move, and the fear that more damage could be done if it's not done well.

Diversity can mean many things, and there are a variety of opinions about what it is or how to address it. It can seem daunting, and it can certainly be uncomfortable to start some long overdue conversations.

This is a huge topic in itself, but I will say that without clear leadership and commitment from the top of the organization, it's much harder to shift the paradigm. Without any effort to improve or change, nothing can be done. We really must find ways to get rid of these fears and dive in.

How does an organization begin to implement diversity and inclusion?

An easier place to start might be with some of the less obvious, but equally important, aspects of D&I. Instead of dealing with something as complex as racism or sexism, why not try something that deals with the need for inclusion, but is perhaps not as nerve-wracking. A good example is to assess how a company handles things like the ability of employees or customers to understand its messages and materials. Are the needs for both visual and auditory input being met?

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